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AD // Nebu has gotten a bit bored of his food lately so we've made the... | TikTok
AD // Nebu has gotten a bit bored of his food lately so we've made the switch to @edgardcooper and it has gone sooo well! Nebu is loving his new food which is made of real meat and junk free. So many cat food brands around use meal meat which is literally the same as human junk food - imagine eating fast food every day! Yuck. Luckily @edgardcooper is all REAL flavour with no sugars or added fillers. Real food equals real flavour which equals real health and well being for our kitty. Their transparent ingredient list clearly states what is included in your cat's meals and puts you in control of what you feed your cat, so your cat can get the very BEST out of life. We also love that 1% of all sales go to the Edgard & Cooper foundation who work with charities to improve the lives of cats & dogs everywhere AND that @edgardcooper have achieved B-Corp status with their eco-friendly and recyclable packaging, and are super focused on reducing their impact on the planet. Try @edgardcooper today with code HEYNEBU20 and get 20% off site-wide (LINK BELOW IN COMMENTS). #EdgardCooper #RealFoodRebels #EdgardCooperReview
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