What is Diffshop

Diffshop is the ultimate e-commerce spy tool, platforms we cover include: Shopify, Shein, Temu, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Features include: product research, e-commerce store data, keyword tool and adspy. Discover best sellers and top trending products for dropshipping!

Use Diffshop to make data-driven decisions and build a profitable e-commerce business. Discover what products are in demand, what keyword will boost your sales, which competitor is doing well, what ads have the best performance and more.

Key Features

Store Research - Market and Competitor Analysis

Live monitoring of 1M+ Shopify stores , data includes: traffic, keywords, backlinks, contact info, best sellers, trending products and more.

Product Research - Opportunity Finder

Live monitoring of 100M+ products (Shopify, Shein, Temu...), data includes: historical units sold, sales revenue, ratings, sales MoM growth, sales historical trend, launch date, best sellers, trending products, newly released SKUs and more.

Keyword Research - SEO and Listing Optimization

Live monitoring of 200M+ keywords (Google), data includes: search volume, CPC, organic/paid competitors, traffic performance and more.

Ad Research - Ad Creatives and Trendy Posts

Live monitoring of 10M+ ads (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok...), data include: engagement metrics (like, comment, share), impressions, first seen, last seen, ad costs, landing page and more.

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