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The second hatch of the pack! Razord is just awww-some Meant to be “A Dinomite On The Keeb”! Razord is a Velociraptor species, and the name Razord is inspired by its species name as well. Velociraptors are creepy with most people. Maybe it has something to do with the Hollywood portrayal of Razord as a bloodthirsty creature with sickle-shaped claws that dismembered prey. But to Dwarfs, we want to make a Razord, which is just an adorable tiny baby lizard with sparkling eyes and a heart of gold (at least for now). So, what are your thoughts on Razord? Creepy or Cute? Leave your comment down below 👇 Keep an eye out, because the rest of the Keycasaurus is about to hatch. Link here 👉 https://www.dwarf-factory.com/product/keycasaurus/ #mechkey #mechanicalkeyboards #artisankeyboards #DF #Dwarffactory #resin #keyboard #resinart #pcgaming #cherrymx #keycaps #handcrafted #customkeycap #customkeyboard #customkeycaps #keycap #pcgamer #artisan #artisankeycaps #artisankeycap #art #pc