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Does it feel like your downline is on life support? Maybe the last 12 months haven’t been the best for your business. Sales and recruits are down… A lot of people who joined your team over the last few years have left, including some leaders. This has caused your confidence and belief to take a major hit. It’s hard to not feel bad when you think about where you business WAS a few years ago, compared to where you are today. You know what you NEED to do… You need to get back out there and start looking for new people. But the problem is you’re not even sure where to start. The whole ‘business conversations’ thing has always been a weak area for you. It feels really forced, and you struggle knowing what to say to get someone interested. Add to that…. SUMMERTIME! 😎 Kids are out of school driving you crazy, and you can’t ever seem to get anyone on your team (or a prospect) to do anything! 😩😭 What if it didn’t have to be this way? Let me help you Revive Your Downline. I want to invite you to a special LIVE workshop I’m hosting June 20th - 22nd. Over the 3 days of the workshop you’ll learn: ✔️4-step Transformational Conversation Framework that will help you confidently share your business with anyone at any time, without self-doubt and fear! ✔ ️ Right questions to ask someone to immediately spark their interest, and lead a conversation so you can transition to your business in a totally organic way. ✔️ A 10 minu
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