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𓆰 our hope for our art is to be discovered and shared as an offering of solace for your space. “you are confined only by the walls you build yourself”. we have been tapping into new channels of influence for personal and creative growth, burning our self-judging walls all around us. we want our art to echo that sentiment within your home. it has only been alittle over a month since being invited into the @wescoverapp community. it would be an understatement to say we feel immense gratitude for the connections we’ve made thus far, and the reinvigorated authenticity within the works we are currently crafting. we share this deep love of interior + architectural design, that has always played a huge part in influencing our conceptual designs. it has been particularly energizing and motivating working alongside other incredibly talented creatives, designers, and architects. a special thank you to morgan, the face behind the @wescoverapp marketing team for creating this video that has made me tear up too many times to admit. #interiordesign #architectural #modernhome #contemporaryartwork #homeinterior
emotion evoking handcrafted paintings.
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