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Do you know what going on vacation and having a baby have in common? When you plan ahead you can be present and enjoy the little moments. After helping thousands of people prepare for life with a newborn as a Postpartum Doula and CLC. . . I noticed some new parents struggled more than others. I started to obsess wondering "what did the people who STRUGGLE LESS have working in their favor?" 💵 it wasn't money. I've worked with millionaires who are TERRIFIED of their crying babies. 📚 it wasn't research. Most of my doula clients have a stack of baby books. . . The difference is in HOW you prepare before the baby arrives. Because sitting through a class at the hospital isn't going to prepare you to get sleep off to a good start (or understand baby's cry) And your sister (or bff) who just had a baby can only share what worked for her. Parents-to-be just need a GAME PLAN around 4 important areas. That's why I created a FREE WORKSHOP for first-time expecting parents. https://www.newparentsacademy.com/free/ws Learn: 👉 SLEEP.:because new parents want to get as much sleep as possible 👉 FEEDING:whether you plan to breastfeed or formula feed (or both) 👉 INFANT SAFETY:because guidelines are always changing 👉 CRYING: your baby's first language This is the stuff they SHOULD teach you in the hospital class but they don't. SIGN UP NOW and join the thousands of parents-to-be who enjoy the newborn stage (not just survive). https://www.newparentsa
Newborn Ready: 5 Steps to Preparing for Life With Your New Baby!