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Leave a ♥️ for milk + cereal! It’s easy to get swept up by fun new breakfast ideas, but don’t forget about the classics! Cereal and milk can absolutely be a part of a completely balanced (and delicious) breakfast. Not to mention the nostalgia of enjoying a bowl of cereal with milk. I love using Good Culture Probiotic Milk because it’s such an easy way to add extra nutrition to your breakfast. A 12 ounce fluid serving packs 1 billion probiotics and everything else that you know and love about milk. Enjoy your favorite cereal while also supporting your gut health and immunity with 1 billion probiotics in every 12 fluid ounces. Try @good_culture Probiotic Milk today—find the nearest store at goodculture.com/probioticmilk. @good_culture #guthealth #ridiculouslygood
Probiotic Milk - Good Culture
I have been loving to add gut healthy probiotics to my morning with Good Culture’s probiotic milk! #ad It’s officially iced coffee season and what better way to enjoy your morning coffee than with gut-healthy probiotic milk, too? Good Culture’s probiotic milk is 100% lactose-free and packs 1 billion probiotic cultures in each 12 fluid ounce serving. It has all the good stuff you know and love about regular milk like calcium, protein and vitamin D but supports your gut health (and immunity) too. It’s a win win! Here’s how I’ve been loving my iced coffee: -10 oz. of brewed iced coffee -1 tbsp vanilla syrup -1/2 cup Good Culture Probiotic milk Pour over ice and enjoy! Feel free to adjust the proportions to your liking. Try Good Culture Probiotic Milk today—find the nearest store at goodculture.com/probioticmilk. @goodculture #ridiculouslygood #guthealth
Probioticmilk — good culture
Save this Gut-Healthy Breakfast Smoothie! There’s a new milk in town 🥳 – @good_culture Probiotic Milk! This milk is tasty, lactose-free, has everything you know and love about regular milk, and packs 1 billion probiotics in every 12 oz serving. Here’s one way I’ve been loving it–so easy with only 5 ingredients, and it packs 30g of protein! Gut-Healthy Chocolate Banana Breakfast Smoothie -1 cup Good Culture Probiotic Milk -1 5.5 oz container Good Culture cottage cheese -1 banana -2 tbsp cocoa powder -1 tbsp chia seeds -1 tbsp honey or maple syrup -handful of ice Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy! Try Good Culture Probiotic Milk today—learn more at goodculture.com/probioticmilk.
Probioticmilk — good culture