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【吃在嘴裡,甜在心頭 💕】 佐敦寧波街有兩間地道老店,一間賣 #生滾魚粥,一間賣 #中式糖水。兩間食店一直都得到街坊、食客嘅支持 😋。 雖然經營食肆充滿辛酸,但呢兩間老店嘅經營者都係存心抱住對家人嘅愛而堅持做落去。一碗熱粥 、一碗糖水,當中盛載住佢哋多少歲月故事 ☺️? 【When White Congee Meets Black Sesame Soup 💕】 On Ning Po Street in Jordan, there are two time-honoured shops, one serving raw fish congee and the other offering Chinese sweet soups. Both are frequented by neighbourhood residents and foodies alike 😋. Although running a food business is grueling work, these two longstanding eateries have been able to persist due to their owners' love for their respective families. What tales of their travails can be told from each bowl of congee and sweet soup ☺️? ==================== "Hong Kong Stories: Treasures of Hong Kong"(《香港故事—老店情未了• 香港世一》) (*英語節目 English Programme) 🎙 主持:#李璧琦|Presenters:#BeckyLee 🕤 星期二(Tue)|9:30pm - 10pm 🖥 #港台電視32 #RTHKTV32 🌐 rthk.hk/tv/dtt31/programme/hkstories55_eng #香港故事 #香港老店 #香港特色 #港台 #香港電台 #RTHK