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Luxury Men's Fancy Slip-on Shoe (Lmtd Szs Available)
Here are some Fancy Men's Velvet Half Shoes I think you will be interested in... ...Available in a variety of designs and style These Shoes are the embodiment of Luxury and Perfection. They are comfortable, Classy and when you have them on... they make you extremely Fashionable and Stylish. They are available in sizes ranging from 40 - 46... ...And they cost just N50,000. When you place an order you get a SHOESHINE POLISH and Socks as gifts for FREE. Not only that, you PAY for this Shoe upon DELIVERY and DELIVERY is FREE anywhere in the country. Plus, that is not all yet... When you order 2 pairs or more, you get extra discounts. Now, If you would love to place your order for one pair (or more), It is very easy to order, All you need to do is... Click on the "Shop Now" button above or below or Click on this link below to place your order... https://obedwardrobe.com.ng/fancy-mens-velvet-half-shoe/ When you click on this button, you will be taken to our SECURED page, this is where you will complete your order and checkout.
Fancy Men's Velvet Half Shoe (Lmtd Szs Available)
If You are Interested in Owning a Smart Looking Loafer, then I think you will be interested in these Formal Stylish Woven Leather Loafers... ...Here is why Apart from the fact that it is made from High-end and Carefully Selected Shoe materials, They were built by hand and carefully crafted to give your feet that maximum comfort (when worn) and to be durable. Imagine stepping into a place (it could be your office, a meeting, or an event you are to attend) and people can help themselves but other than stare at your feet... ...Imagine entering a place and all the attention just shift to you. That is what these Leather Loafers does for you. These shoes are available in a variety of natural colors and designs... ...And if you are interested, they available for you to own, here and now, in sizes ranging from 40 - 46... ...And for just N50,000 (that is at a 30% discount) you can SNATCH yourself a pair (or even more sef, if that is what you want) Here is ALL what you will be getting for that price: * A Pair of this Luxury Loafer * A Shoeshine Polish to keep your shoe always in the best shape * A Pair of Quality Socks Plus * DELIVERY is FREE too Amazing right? Well, that is not all, we want you to get the best money can buy, so... ...If you are buying two pairs or more, you get extra discounts (more information on our website) Now, If you would love to own a pair of these shoes and also get more information, All you need to do is... Click on the "Shop Now" button abo
Formal Stylish Woven Leather Loafer