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⚠️Allergy-Prone Dog?⚠️👉🏼Try a Vegan Diet! If your pup has allergies, you've probably been through your fair share of trial-and-error with their diet. It can feel frustrating when no matter what, their itchy skin or tummy troubles inevitably start to flare up again. Before you throw in the towel and accept that your dog will be on lifelong allergy meds, consider this: According to a study conducted in 2016 by Ralf Mueller, animal protein allergies are highly prevalent in dogs, even more so than allergies to grains. A fully plant-based diet may be the ticket to allergy relief for your pup. The study found that beef, dairy, and chicken were the top 3 food allergens, based on a population of 297 dogs with cutaneous adverse food reactions, or CAFRs (a fancy way of saying skin reactions). CAFRs include both food hypersensitivities and food intolerances. Food sensitivities can also present as digestive issues (loose stool, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.), so don't rule out a vegan diet for pups with tummy troubles either. Your pup's gut health is closely linked with their diet and many sensitive pups benefit from eliminating animal ingredients entirely. So how do you safely try a vegan diet for your sensitive dog? Look for a nutritionally complete and balanced vegan food, like v-dog, that meets AAFCO requirements. This will ensure that your pup won't be missing out on any key nutrients (i.e., you won't need to supplement their diet). V-dog is also free of wheat, soy,
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