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Welcome to our ISheep Mars Adventure, lovely Human being from planet Earth and Aliens from Galaxy !!!!! 🚀 It is all about ISheep. ISheep lives lonely on planet Mars. ISheep is clever, nice, emotional and can recognize human faces. She can not read, write, cook and drive - because she is a SHEEP ! 🐑 In January 2022, ISheep decided to leave planet Earth. Not because She wanted to leave, but She didn't want to end up like a "sausage" for Easter holiday. She had to leave. ISheep decided to fly to planet Mars, because it is the closest planet to Earth. Mars is a dusty, dirty planet, full of rocks and sand. It is freezing cold here, so only sheep can survive here. Click Learn more to see the whole story. Then Follow us, like & share our Adventure on Facebook and especially have FUN !💚
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