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The take off moment of the Press to Handstand can feel almost impossible. You lean into your fingers, you try to resist and push your hips up but nothing is happening. Getting your feet off the floor and hips into the air requires a combination of strength, flexibility and technique. Most athletes who don’t make it up lack coordination and practice. 
Here is really where we hit the strange paradox of handstands or really learning anything new. How are you supposed to do something that feels absolutely impossible? How are you supposed to engage something if you have no idea where to push. It’s like trying to imagine an unexacting color. It is impossible (try it if you don’t believe me) Your advantage here is that you are not the first one to learn and improve the press to handstand. Many have done it before you! So we know it is possible. Now it just comes down to how skilled are you at analyzing your own body in motion, how good is the help that you are receiving and what exercises and progressions are you using. The drills here will help you with the specific moment of the press take off. Learn to fold in half, to reach long and to truly use your entire body to push your hips as far away from your hands as possible. Happy training Happy gains!
Free Press Workout Customization Press Level – Coach Bachmann
🌟 Exclusive Webinar: Press to Handstand! 🌟 Attention all handstand enthusiasts and those eager to defy gravity! Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey towards mastering the Handstand? Join my webinar and discover the secrets behind this awe-inspiring skill! 📅 Date: Sunday June 18th ⏰ Time: 5pm GMT+1 In this comprehensive and immersive webinar, you will: ✅ Learn the foundational principles and techniques to achieve a solid and controlled Handstand ✅ Receive expert guidance from me - I will be breaking down the progression of mastering the skill step-by-step ✅ Gain insider knowledge and practical tips to accelerate your learning process and overcome common challenges This webinar is specially designed for individuals who are new to the Handstand journey or want to refine their existing skills. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity - reserve your spot now: https://goo.su/dZZHwU 🔗 See you at the webinar!
Complete Guide To The Press To Handstand
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Take Your Handstand Skills to New Heights!