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What happened when Aman (Co-Founder) posted a video of his kids smearing cupcakes on his dress shirt? You, our community, found the forum to share your stories. 👕💧 Stretchy | Machine Washable | Everything-Proof
World's Kindest Customers💚
A few weeks ago, I posted about Chat GPT recommending our brand for travel clothes. It was a fun, lighthearted post - but I was totally blown away by the kindness of our vocal community, and had to share a few of the comments that made my day. If you haven't heard of our brand, in short: We're a Boston-based clothing brand founded by engineers; we're inventing clothes that are soft, stretchy, everything-proof, machine washable, and most importantly - sharp.
Travel Ready Clothing✈️
This is my family. We decided to recreate this 'test' to have a bit of fun - and replicate a real moment we experienced a few weeks ago. My kids ran up to me after work with 'cupcake fingers' (LOL) and I felt lucky to embrace them without hesitation, knowing my clothes could handle it. Nothing a quick delicate cycle can't fix! If you're just getting to know Ministry of Supply, we make soft, stretchy, washable and nearly-everything-proof clothing for just about any situation. We're a bunch of engineers on a mission to invent new clothing. And rest assured, we use actual testing standards (ASTM and AATCC) to make sure our gear lasts for five (or more) years before producing.
Cupcake Tested
We started this brand out of our own needs - a desire to never use an iron or a dry cleaner again, to feel the comfort of stretchy, soft fabrics and ultimately, to wake up excited about your 'day clothes' - what a privilege these last few years of inventing clothing has been.
Inventing Workleisure
Rest assured, if another brand was recommended, I would have kept it to myself... 🙂 Also if you're new to Ministry of Supply, here's the short version of who we are: Born out of MIT, we use science to make the most comfortable clothing on (and for) the planet. Think "feel like you want to, look like you need to."
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