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Qash'ara International Quran recitation competition Prizes worth of USD 2000 Category 1 : Gents above 10 years of age Category 2 : Ladies above 10 years of age First prize : Cash award of USD 300 Top Ten : Selected 10 candidates will receive a cash award of 121 USD each The competition will be held in three stages 👉How to participate? - Register yourself using the link below or by scanning the QR code in the poster https://aldhikr.org/qashara - Send a video of your recitation, not more than 2 minutes of duration, to the whatsapp number given in the link. - Don't forget to type the name, place, gender and country of the candidate while sending the video - Last date for video submission: June 15, 2023, 11.59 PM IST Rules: 👉Anyone above the age of 10 years can participate in the competition from May onwards. 👉The students & staff of the Academy and their close relatives, are not allowed to participate in the contest. 👉No entries are accepted if the registration is not completed through the link provided. 👉Do not forget to type the name, age, gender and place of the candidate along with the video sent in whatsapp. 👉The entries sent after the last date will not be accepted by any means. 👉One candidate can send only one video for the competition. If multiple entries are received, the candidate will be disqualified for the competition. 👉The judgement will be based on the recitaiton, tajwid rules, pronunciation and the beauty of qira'at. 👉The judgment p
Quran Recitation Competition
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