The Ultimate Guide to Find a Winning Product to Sell on Shopify

Release Time2023-09-06

Finding the right product to sell on Shopify can make or break your e-commerce journey. A winning product can drive high sales figures and profits, making your store a success. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you identify those golden opportunities:


1. Characteristics of a Winning Product:

• High Demand: The product should be something that customers are actively searching for.

• Unique: It should stand out from the crowd, offering something that other products don't.

• Profitable: Ensure there's a good margin between your buying and selling price.

• Lightweight: Products that are easy and cheap to ship are generally more profitable.

• Good Reviews: Positive feedback from other sellers or customers can indicate a product's potential.


2. Methods to Find Winning Products:

a. Study Amazon Best Sellers:

• Amazon's bestsellers list is updated hourly, providing insights into trending products.

• The 'Movers & Shakers' section on Amazon can also give you a glimpse of rapidly trending products.

b. Use TikTok Search:

• Search for hashtags like #tiktokmademebuyit, #amazonfinds, #coolgadgets, #amazonreview, and #productreview.

• Filter results to see trending products from the last three months.

• Look for videos with more than 100k likes and check comments for purchase intent.

c. Use Facebook Search:

• Search for phrases commonly used in ad copy like "Shop Now", "Free Shipping", or "Limited Time Only".

• Filter results by 'video' and set the 'date posted' to 'this month'.

• Look for ads with high engagement (comments, likes, shares) to identify trending products.

d. Bookmark eBay Watchcount:

• Use eBay Watchcount to see products with the most watchers on eBay.

• Products with a high number of watchers typically indicate a strong market interest.

3. Product Validation:

Before finalizing a product, ensure it meets the following criteria:

• Shipping: Consider shipping costs and duration. Ideally, offer free shipping or build the shipping cost into your selling price.

• Weight: Lighter products are generally better for dropshipping.

• Markup: Ensure there's a good profit margin after accounting for ad costs.

• Natural Validation: Use common sense to evaluate the product's appeal. Does it solve a problem? Is it something people need?


4. Determining Product Saturation:

• Use tools like "Keepa" to check the price history of a product on Amazon. A steady price indicates less saturation, while a dropping price can indicate oversaturation.

• Other Chrome extensions like "Saturation Inspector" can also help gauge saturation.


5. Sourcing Products:

• AliExpress & Alibaba Dropship: These platforms offer a wide range of products at competitive prices. However, be mindful of shipping times and quality control.

• US/Country Sourcing: Sourcing locally can offer faster shipping times and better quality control but might come at a higher price.


How DiffShop Can Help:

DiffShop is a powerful tool that aids e-commerce sellers in researching competitor data, spying on Shopify store's sales revenue, hot selling products, and even ad campaigns across platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. By leveraging the insights provided by DiffShop, sellers can make informed decisions about which products have the potential to be winners in the market. The platform's comprehensive analytics can help you identify trends, understand consumer behavior, and ultimately, find the best products to sell on Shopify.