How to Spy on TikTok Ads

Release Time2023-10-20

A Comprehensive Guide to Monitoring Competitor TikTok Ads for E-commerce Brands


TikTok has emerged as a major marketing platform for e-commerce brands. For businesses targeting the younger demographic, it's become indispensable. As the platform grows, understanding your competitors' ad strategies on TikTok has never been more critical.

Why is it Important to Spy on Competitor Ads?

  • Helps in understanding market trends.
  • Offers insights into what's working and what isn't.
  • Saves money by avoiding mistakes competitors might have already made.
  • Provides a benchmark to measure your ad performance against.

Tools to Help You Monitor Competitor TikTok Ads:

  • TikTok Pixel Helper:
  • A chrome extension that detects TikTok ad pixels on websites.
  • Case Study: It was found that Bloom Cosmetics used TikTok ads because their website had the pixel. This could mean they're targeting the younger demographic through TikTok.
  • Use Spy Tool like Big Spy or Diffshop:
  • A versatile tool that lets you spy on competitor ads across various platforms including TikTok.
  • Features: Allows users to filter by website type, region, ad format, etc.
  • Pricing: While there's a free version, the more advanced features come with the paid plans starting at $9. For those uncertain about its utility, there's a special offer: just $1 for a three-day trial.
  • TikTok Creative Center:
  • This is TikTok's own platform, showcasing top-performing ads.
  • Metrics Included: They provide details like click-through rates and a six-second view rate.
  • Filters: Users can sift through ads based on region, industry, and marketing objectives.
  • Addison:
  • A tool designed to save and organize the TikTok ads you discover.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Big Spy and TikTok Creative Center, offering a consolidated view of your findings.

Final Recommendations:

Diffshop - The All-In-One Shopify Spy Tool:

  • Introduction: Diffshop stands out as an all-encompassing Shopify spy tool for e-commerce brands. Originating from a dedicated team at Diffshop.com, this tool provides an expansive range of features that surpasses many of its contemporaries.

You can easily sort out and find your target niche market, by country, time, keywords, etc.

You can easily check the valuable TikTok ads insight data, such as impressions, likes, like rates, how much does it cost and the how long time the ads running.

  • Pricing & Features: Although the pricing starts from $0/month - the Free version, the value it offers justifies the cost. Not only does it cover TikTok ads, but Diffshop also offers insights into competitor products, store analytics, and other essential e-commerce data.

  • Why Consider Diffshop? The comprehensive features give brands a 360-degree view of the competition, enabling them to make informed decisions on their ad campaigns, product listings, and overall e-commerce strategy.

E-commerce brands with a monthly revenue between $20,000 to $30,000 should contemplate enlisting the services of e-commerce marketing agencies. These agencies come equipped with the expertise and tools to craft a tailored TikTok ad strategy that could prove invaluable.

Regularly spying on competitors is not just about emulation but gaining insights to refine and enhance your own strategy. It’s about understanding market dynamics, capitalizing on emerging trends, and ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.