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I love how this music track changed to whole tone of the video from a soundtrack of wood chippers and chainsaws to something much more subtle and cohesive. Royalty Free Music Track Used: Nostalgic Vision https://www.royaltyfreemusicclips.com/music-download/nostalgic-vision-$id/ Composer Catalog: Dvir Silverstone https://www.royaltyfreemusicclips.com/royalty-free-music-composer/dvir-silverstone-$id/ Last week the garden crew arrived to cut down a 45 year old cedar tree in our yard. It was growing too close to the house and the roots were growing too close to our septic tank. I documented the whole fascinating process in this video. It's interesting because you can't just chop down a tree like this, you have to methodically break it down into manageable pieces. I worked with the guys for two days stacking all of the firewood that the tree produced.