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Spend Less Time Trying to Get A Cinematic Look And Set Your Films Apart With LUTs Based On Hollywood Films… …no matter if you’re just using LUTs for the first time. You’ve just finished with the edit, you want to give your film that final finish look that sets it apart… …but you find yourself stuck in the color grade. So you experiment with various built-in looks… …push the color tools around in random ways… …download some of the LUTs online. Only to find yourself with muddy looking video… …and worse yet no closer to that big budget look. I can definitely relate and I’ve been there which is why we’ve created LUTs based on different films that gets the coveted film look FAST! And all you need to do to get the free LUTs is to click the link below: https://www.colorgradingcentral.com/free-luts Included in the Master LUTs Collection are LUTs for: • LOG footage • Emulating 35mm film • Hollywood film looks The same experience that went into cre